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Are your gutters becoming blocked with excess leaves, moss or even seagull poop..?!


This can be a common problem. Any debris left untended in your gutters for extended periods (gutter cleaning should ideally be carried out annually) will inevitably result in blocked gutters or maybe even worse;


> the guttering itself can become damaged beyond repair due to the excess weight placed upon it by the standing water


> water ingress can occur, potentially causing thousands of pounds in damage to a property


Gutters are designed simply to divert the water away, not to hold or contain the water. One litre of water weighs 1kg, so it doesn't take long before the guttering is put under strain.


Our gutter cleaning services cover most area's and prices start from just £75.00*.


We will carry out the work in the most environmentally friendly way possible and can remove the unwanted material too (although it is usually perfectly okay to place straight in your compost bin or on garden beds, etc). We will also carry out a visual inspection of your guttering system. We even externally clean PVC gutters with a specialised cleaner to remove algae, etc and get them looking like new again.


We don't use a gutter vac or other vacuuming device. If you've ever seen these in action they often seem precariously cumbersome, and if not handled well can even lead to damage to your guttering. We will use traditional methods ie; ladders and man-power! Not only do we find this the best method (as we can also visually inspect your entire guttering system), but it also means Gutter Guru trades with a minimum impact to the environment working towards a low carbon footprint. And in a place with such natural beauty as Cornwall, Gutter Guru places high importance on this.


Gutter Guru is fully insured with cover currently at £5million, although this can be increased on request. Our staff will always be helpful & polite. Payment can be made either at the time of booking or on completion of the work.


We aim to cover most of mainland Cornwall. We are based in mid Cornwall and therefore actively serve the Bodmin and St Austell areas on a daily basis. If your area isn't shown contact us to see if we can help.



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Gutter Cleaning Services