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How long will it take to clean my guttering...?


Approx. two hours although this will depend on ease of access, size of property, etc



Do you use a gutter vac...?


No, the best way to inspect and clean your guttering is to do so by hand. Gutter vac's are cumbersome and can even damage guttering if not handled correctly



Can you fix my leaky gutter without replacing the guttering components...?


Naturally it depends on the issue, but often the answer is yes if the problem is relatively minor



What does your gutter cleaning service include...?


Removal of debris from within the guttering system (gutters, hoppers and/or downpipes), if your guttering is of PVC construction (they generally are these days) then we also clean the guttering with a specialised PVC cleaner



How much does it cost...?


Difficult to say without seeing the property first obviously, but prices start from £75.00 and the most we have ever charged has been £145.00 (large detached 6 bedroom property that took 4 hours)



Do you have public liability insurance...?


Yes. We are currently covered with £5million of public liability insurance, although this can be increased on request



How often should I get my gutters cleaned...?


A general rule of thumb is every 12 months, but low lying gutters have the tendancy to collect leaf litter & debris and may require cleaning sooner



Do I need to be in when you turn up...?


Not necessarily, although we would certainly prefer someone to be home when we arrive. If you are not planning to be at home during our visit we will need full contact & payment details in advance, including a deposit



Anything else I should know...?


Ideally we need access to an outdoor tap to be able to flush through the guttering to check its working okay, plus clean it down afterwards.



Are you available for emergency call-outs...?


For more information on out of hours or emergency call-outs click here




Any other questions...? Call us on 07543332220 or use our contact form